(Woods and Grove at Latimer, Woodlawn Crossing)
    Items do NOT have to be separated; do not throw a bag of recyclables in receptacle as you would a dumpster- they go into the receptacle loosely- NO GLASS


    Aluminum & Steel Cans
    All steel, bimetal and aluminum cans- Please rinse all food cans, labels do NOT need to be removed.

    Corrugated Boxes and Cardboard
    Remove any Styrofoam or liners from boxes. **NOT acceptable are PIZZA BOXES, waxed boxes, milk or juice cartons, and juice boxes**

    Mixed Paper
    Mixed paper consists of any type of clean paper generated by your household, including colored paper, computer paper, newspaper, etc

    Magazines/Catalogues/Junk Mail
    Papers must be kept dry; junk mail includes envelopes, cards, flyers, etc

    Plastic Bags
    Black plastic trash bags, grocery #2 HDPE (example: Kroger, Wal-Mart bags)

    Plastic #1-#7 Containers ONLY
    RINSE CONTAINER and REMOVE ALL LIDS/CAPS, acceptable items include milk and
    water jugs, soda bottles, soap bottles, etc

    Scrap Metal
    All bulk metal items, including steel, tin, aluminum, copper, brass. Metal must fit in recycling receptacle


940 S Clarizz Blvd #25, Bloomington, IN 47401, USA (812) 333-3333